Happily employeed for the time being. Below is my resume regardless.

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Who am I?


I'm Eric Lima.
A web developer.

I'm a passionate and dedicated we developer who has developed hundreds of different websites that have a combined total of over a million page views. My love for programming lead me to pursue a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science at University of Massachusetts at Lowell. This website showcases some of my best work, although I'm really fond of anything with: Ruby on Rails with React. I've worked with many different techonologies however such as wordpress, php, node, c++, etc but I'm always trying to learn something new.

Currently, I am working fulltime to build client websites. While I have completed over hundreds projects, I have highlighted only some of my best work below.


My Portfolio

A site created for MRP Realty in Downtown Manhattan.

A site for Longfellow. They invest capital for innovation growth in real estate.

Among New York Tri-State area’s leading real estate companies with a portfolio of 92 major building projects.

Victory Center is a new building to the Dallas skyline's vibrant urban districts.

31 West 52nd Street is a first-class office tower ideally located in Midtown Manhattan.

Harbor Point is the forefront in sustainability and innovation for Baltimore.

Located in Manhattan, 1325 AOA puts mid in midtown.

Kendall Square is a new high tech hub vetted by MIT and Harvard. This site features their new hub.

A workspace in Brooks Brothers Landmark NY.

A temp site featuring Boston's Seaport Square. Home of influential global tech companies.

A wordpress site co-developed as the backend dev for Neoscape. ASAI does work such as events relating to artists.


What languages do I prefer as my primary stack?


Ruby is what I love about programming. It's slick and easy. It doesn't have any strange issues with it's syntax. It's my personal choice for web development. I also know PHP, ASP.Net, and Python however.


Rails is a noteworthy framework in the web dev world because it contains many of the modern development practices and is rather modular. It allows you to have the ability to develop sites quickly and effectively.


React can very well be the future of javascript web frameworks. It's proving itself to be the most well rounded framework for organizing data. Many major brands are adopting React in their big projects.


Work Experience

Web Development

Front or Back End Developer. I am enjoying it all. I am strong in both. I've been working full stack for nearly all of my clients and personal work. I'm unscripted because I'm focused on delivering a website itself. Not particular items, but the whole thing.


I am part of the Reverse Startups Foundation run by a senior level friend of mine named Michael Bourque. Together we founded a startup called uSignal. Currently I'm not involved with many startups but it's still an interesting area for me.

General Computing

If you were to take a look at all the statistics of my life, then you'd probably see something quite noteworthy. That thing would be the amount of time I've spent my life away infront of a computer screen. I should probably go outside once in a while.

Information Technology

I've worked in the IT field for a small while. While I've never found IT as interesting to me as Web Dev, I did have a couple of short contract roles or jobs that involved me doing fixing the hardware part of computers.


My ambition is to
show how I can use
technologies to improve peoples lives and day to day

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I like to Open

The open source movement is huge and it’s only getting bigger. It can be scary for some people to post their hard work to the public, but there’s a lot of good that can come of it.

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New Tech

Lots of really cool technologies are being developed. Just recently the world is getting booster boards, electric cars, electric motors, arduinos, etc. I can't help but love these things because they make my life more automated, cost efficient, and just awesome.

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Local Communities

Helping the local communities around me with software is something I care passionately for. I've helped non-profit organizations such as Code for Boston doing wonderful things. I've worked on non profit projects for the MBTA as well as others.

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I love doing odd ball things with my programming skills. I love working on creating server environments, distributed system, arduinos, drones etc..